XApp-Studio meets Joomla

Hi folks !   As you may noticed, Joomla is not exactly fast with adopting new key technologies. Its still very painful to manage articles and categories. All actions done in the back-end still cause a complete page reload and that makes the work quite tedious and sometimes; you even hesitate to play around with the CMS. Luckily, we've got a real PHP guru on board who produced...
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Maqetta launched on XApp-Studio

Hi fellows, as mentioned earlier, we will join IBM's "Maqetta". Right now, Maqetta is rather a designer for interfaces (Mobile & Desktop) and not an app builder !   However, as XApp-Studio's core technology is based on "Dojo", exactly as Maqetta and we're playing since a while with prototypes to merge the best of both into a new project : "XApp-Studio-2" (just a working...
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New : Custom Styles reloaded

  Custom styles were actually implemented long ago  in XApp-Studio  but only for native iOS (Yes, we convert CSS into native iOS code !). We did found now a way bring it to the web platform.   However, sometimes its necessary to give your data another layout and coloring. This are the steps :    1. Open your app in "advanced mode"...
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Mobile Joomla vs. Weever-Apps vs. XApp-Studio

  Have a look here
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New : Offline feature for mobile web apps and sites

  There is a very nice feature which enables users to enjoy XApp mobile apps  offline. As far we know, none of the competitors did this yet.    Here a complete list of what 'offline' means :   a user must visit at least once the app, afterwards he can disconnect from the internet not all content like external web sites will accessible...
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New : Gradient Editor

  We're rolling out an update tomorrow to support Gradients :      The editor works as in Photoshop and inserts clean CSS into your app.    
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New : Rich Multi-Media Support

Hi,   we added a file manager to Quick-XApp :       Simply drag files into the manager !   It helps to clone, backup or simply manage files or applications. It comes also with an internal picture editor :       You can import your pictures from many sources and it works like photo shop ! ...
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XApp-Connect on its way

  "XApp-Connect" types are the atoms. They have own drivers like for MySQL, REST and friends. You can package input query and the result schema containing PHP fragments together in one request. Defining Joomla needs 4 Types, K2 5-7 types and so on. Its my favourite tool to adopt to new worlds.         Here a list of "XApp-Connect" features...
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Disqus on its way !

Hi,   the next in the boat will be Disqus !   It took us quite a while to understand what's important about social feeds on mobile platforms regarding usabilty but finally we did ! Lets look at the progress            Now instead of browsing long to some content, in order to check whether there are new...
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XApp-Studio's Return

    Hi folks   its being a while since  I wrote a blog. There are very good news ! We'll roll out a beta for the original XApp-Studio. Here some impressions :      The new script interface   The new UI interface designer        Tablets ? No problem  ...
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Mobile Web Apps in beta !

  We're happy to announce that our mobile web variant becomes ready for production. Mobile web apps were the pillars of XApp-Studio's during its entire history, dating back to 2009.   Next week Free mobile web app variant to cover most recent devices. Dedicated support for tablets. You will feel almost no difference to native and modern iPad...
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Quick-XApp released

  Thanks for all your help. Here it is, XApp-Studio's little bother : Quick-XApp .   Here a short summary :   Apps can be opened in both studio's : Quick-XApp and XApp-Studio Comprehensive support for Google documents and picassa More wizards ! Rich asset picker for icons, icon sets, backgrounds or textures Some...
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Change Log XAPP Version 1.0.31

Bug Fixes XApp-Studio (XAS) : Data selector widget for external feeds or links corrected. New in XAS :  File selector added for having pds,excel, word, rtf, text and various other media files in the app. Style cloning CSS source editor added Launcher items now stylable. Thanks to Milosys ! Style overrides per data elements added, thanks Pete ! Google...
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