XApp-Studio vs. Weever-Apps vs. Mobile Joomla

  XApp-Studio & Quick-XApp Weever-Apps Mobile Joomla
Native - Apps iPhone (24Euro/M) / Android : comming No, but they claim for  No
Hybrid -Apps (App-Stores) Free 500-1000,-$ No
 Project - Files - Download Yes No -
Mobile-Web-App/Site Yes - Free Yes - Not free  Yes - Free
Adds Branding No Yes, no in Premium (Expensive)  Yes - but removable in PHP
Support for Tablets Good Poor Ok (Needs Pro)
Layouts Icons, Tabs, List, Adobe Edge, Custom Tabs List
Free-Version Yes No Yes
Pro-Version Not really, only extra support included. Features remain untouched in XApp-Studio and Quick-XApp 10-40$ 90$-200$ per domain
Full-Ajax (No page reloads) Yes Yes No
Web-Technology XApp & Dojo Sencha jQuery
Web-Technology-License BSD Proprietary GPL/MIT
Deployment Types  
 -Stand-alone-Hosting Yes Yes Yes
 -Mobile-Redirection Yes Yes Yes
 -Joomla Template Yes No Yes
- Apptstores Yes Yes No
 -Custom Hosting (App & Backend) Yes No No need
- Offline kiosk over p2p (tablet apps in hotels with self distribution) Yes, on request No No
Joomla Yes Yes Yes
Joomla-Plugins Yes, free and extendable Some, not extendable Some, extendable 
  Free Needs Pro-Subscription Needs Pro-Subscription
Wordpress-Support Yes, Basic, extendable Yes, Basic, Not extendable No
Built-in-CMS Yes Yes Joomla only
 -Documents Yes (Native & Web) No No
 -Picassa Yes (Native & Web) Yes (Public RSS) No
 -Calendar Yes (Native & Web) Yes (Public RSS) No
 -Youtube Yes (Native & Web) Yes (Public RSS) No
Document Support Yes (Native & Web) Very basic No
 - Rich file and resource managment Yes No No
 - Automatic conversion to PDF for XLS/DOC/PPT Yes No No
 - Custom HTML support (Mini HTML Apps) Yes Not directly No need
 - Internal Viewer for files Yes No, opens new browser window No, opens new browser window
Media Support  
 - Radio (From Files or Shoutcast) Yes (Native & Web) No No
 - Podcasts Yes (Native & Web) No No
 - Picture RSS Feeds Yes (Native & Web) Some No
 - QR Code Scanner Native only No No
 - Soundcloud No Yes No
 - Foursquare No Yes No
 - Gallery creation in content Yes (Native & Web) No No
Maps Yes Yes Basic
 -Offline Maps Native iPhone only No No
Layouts Launch Icons, Tabs, List,Adobe Edge,  Custom Icons, Tabs List
Stability & Robustness Good (but has bugs) Ok (but has bugs) Ok (but has quite some bugs)
Performance Very Fast Slow - Medium - Fast Slow - Medium
 - Initial Loading Time 5-7 seconds 5 - 25 seconds 4-6 seconds
 - Second Loading Time 3-6 seconds  5 - 20 seconds 3 - 4 seconds
 - Page Loading Time ( open link to content )  500 ms - 2 seconds 1 - 7 seconds 3 - 6 seconds
Social-Sharing  Yes Yes Yes
Supports and detects links in content (links to articles or categories) Yes No No need
Works Offline Yes (Native & Web) No No
 -Client-Side Offline caching Yes (Native & Web) No No
Multi-Lingual Support Yes (Native & Web) Basic Basic
Mutisite apps (templated) Yes No No
SMS Notification No Yes No
Push Notifications iPhone native only Pro only, needs Hybrid App No
Marketing-Tools No Yes No
App-Analytics Google. All user actions are sent to Google as events.  Google, Proprietary Basic
Coupons No Yes No
 -App Yes Yes No
 -Content Yes No No
Custom-Apps (By default) Yes No No, but possible with PHP/JS
Custom-Plugins (By default) Yes No No, but possible with PHP/JS
Custom-Datasources (By default) Any SQL/Webservice based system No No, but possible with PHP/JS
CSS to native translation  Yes No No need
Pull to refresh Yes RSS only No
Support 5 Languages, free Bad as we heard from all. English & little french. Worst we ever heard about. English and Finnish, needs pro
 Bux-Fixing Fast Slow - Medium Slow, very uncertain
 Adoption to new technology Fast Slow Very slow
Overall experience Rich Medium Poor
Enterprise programs Yes No, but white label editions exist No need
Self-Hosting Yes No No need
Custom app builder Yes White label edition Possible but not supported
Opensource Not fully yet, but in 2014 under the most flexible license : BSD Not at all Yes but its GPL which is a problem in quite some cases
 Contributions Some Nothing A lot
Internal data format Open Proprietary Open
 -CSS Guided visual & plain editors Plain, not guided Plain, not guided
 -Pictures  Basic and advanced editors Basic Upload Basic-FTP-Upload
Target Audience Beginners (Quick-Xapp) Beginners Beginners & Webmasters
  Professionals & Developers (XApp-Studio)     
 - Background Game engine and authoring software development (14 years)  Web Web
 - Main business  Custom development for our self :-) Weever-Apps Mobile-Joomla
 - Funding Assets Unknown Ads and pro subscriptions, unknown


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Mobile Joomla : its does its Job well enough to claim to be a mobile solution for Joomla (Only). It only supports the built-in types and a few others in a pro version. Important to know that tablet support as such (dual navigation) is only accessible in the pro version. Apps performs rather slow and lack of a lot of media features like automatic gallery conversation .Its working as Joomla-Template and is the best out there in this very category. 


We do give it an overall rating of 3 out of 5.


Weever-Apps : The most expensive solution. We think even its far too overpriced for what it does. Its complete proprietary and rather looks like the usual "push-to-pro subscriptions" to us. You have also zero chance to extend it with custom logic or data sources. The app builder performs also quite slow, regardless you manage it from Joomla or on their website directly. There are serious false claims on their website : "Native Apps". In fact, what they call "native" is nothing more than a hybrid application with no real offline support or speed. Its pretty sad to see this poor acts of criminal customer distraction.

It only outperforms in marketing tools and some social gadgets. Apps as such don't really feel snappy or fast. The out-of-the-box design is very fixed and you can't do much about. 


We do give it an overall rating of 2 out of 5 because of the serious lies all over the place about native and the prices are far too high for what it is.


Attention : We heard from customers also, that they are making it impossible to cancel subscriptions and it needs lots of email to get through.


XApp-Studio : well, its all said and we think you need to make your own opinion. We are open to non-profit projects and often we even drop fees completly and we react within hours to requests or reports, with no fees. In terms of extensibility, snappiness, multi-media, documents and openness, you won't find anything better. Try it out and let us know what you need else.



Others : there a few others but they do have bad reputation or lack of broader content support.


The rating about support came primarily from customers who changed to XApp-Studio but also from us !  


Average (1 Vote)
The average rating is 3.0 stars out of 5.
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