Joomla - Tutorial

Description : This tutorial explains the minimum steps to create an application with Quick-XApp


Duration : 2-4 minutes



  • Installing the our Joomla - Plugin
  • Creating an application here on
  • Mapping your Joomla content to your app tabs



A - Installing our Joomla plugin 


  1. Install from url in the extension manager : (its always the same file and works with all Joomla versions). Make sure that the directory components/com_xas/xapp/cache is writable ! (755) otherwise it will all fail ! Please always install from URL ! The extension is very big and we heard about problems when using the upload function ! If installing still fails, please upload the zip and extract it to your Joomla /tmp directory and use the install from local path option.

  2. Now you should see this : 

B - Creating a dedicated user 

  1. Now we need to create a user, so that XApp-Studio or Quick-XApp can login 



  2. Create the user as you want, it only needs to be a registered user !



C - Creating an application

  1. Now sign up here  and then goto "My Applications" and create an application. In the wizard you must choose between "General" (White-Theme) or "Events" (Dark-Theme). Anything else you can change later in Quick-XApp or XApp-Studio. 



  2. He we go ! After wizard, "Quick-XApp" will open and now we need to link the app tabs to your Joomla content. 1. Now select any tab from the left 2. and click the  "Library" Icon to select from your Joomla content. 



D - Connecting Joomla !


  1. Now its time to let magic happen. 1) Select the Joomla tab and then choose "XApp-Connect". This adapter is our new method. You can also choose the others (JEvents,Moset) but they will be soon unsuported.



  2. Now enter the details of your Joomla user (1.) which we created in step B-2 and press "Check Connection".


    1. Enter your url with http:// and a trailing slash at the end :

    2. If you have errors, try in the RPC-Url field /components/com_xas/xapp/index.php . Its possible that the Joomla-Lang-Router or your settings in .htaccess prevent Xapp from connecting.


  3. Viola ! Now choose anything you like from your Joomla content and click "Done".  



  4. Now you can test it in the simulator. Simply press the "Sync" button above the simulator and click the app tab we linked to Joomla.