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Install our Joomla plug-in "XApp-Bridge". Please disable in Joomla the plug-in "XApp-Bot" for now (Mobile forwarding).  

Please see here for more details. The more important : "Quik-XApp" or "XApp-Studio" is not an app builder which runs inside Joomla or Wordpress ! Its only there for connecting your Joomla to Quick-XApp or XApp-Studio ! Applications is fetching data directly from your website ! Once an application is downloading data ("public") from Joomla, the plugin holds the result for at  least 1 hour in the cache ! You can disable this behavior in Quick-XApp to test your work.
Download for Joomla 1.5-3.x+ (Old developer version here)
Extra Plugin to remove desktop only content in apps : Joomla 2.5Use {desktopOnly} your desktop only content {/desktopOnly} in articles to remove unwanted content in apps. Please also re-install our regular plugin from url in case installed before 03.Jul.2013.  
Problems ? Check out our QA board here.
Most problems are related to wrong settings in htaccess,seo and language plugins. 


  • The best browser to use this product is Chrome or Safari. Mobile devices use the same underlying technology. 
  • Always check our change-log for Joomla here (Once a week).
  • XApp-Studio is not designed for using external links only !
  • XApp-Studio is primarly for "A & B Grade" devices and not low-budget devices ! According to statistics, people don't use internet on cheap or low-budget devices.
  • Our primary priority are mobile apps, the final output of this product ! Its possible that Quick-XApp or XApp-Studio behaves still a bit clumsy in some cases !
  • The web-simulator is not 100% accurate ! On the device there are better results !
  • Please don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter issues or bugs. We're very fast to respond and fix issues.
  • If you have problems and you intent to contact us : please send us your mobile app share url !


  • Make the folder /components/com_xas/xapp/cacheDir writable ! In case of trouble, delete all files in this folder.
  • Disable "XApp-Bot" plugin in Joomla after the installation !
  • Use the XML-RPC adapter for JEvents & Moset-Tree for now. We are migrating JEvents/Moset-Tree soon to the "XApp-Connect" adapter.
  • We need at least 28MB RAM memory delegated to your Joomla site (php.ini)
  • We only support standard content and not {loadModulePosition} or similar tags ! We only support AllVideo and PodcastManager tags in content at the moment.
  • We don't support tables in content ! This is rather a technical issue we can't really solve sauber !
  • There are performance and other issues when using cheap hosting! We are aware about and working on this ! For now, if you're using a hosting service for less than 5,- Euro a month, you'll will have proably problems with our product.

Usage (Quick-XApp/XApp-Studio)

  • When using the file manager, please do not use special characters in the file name. Also whitespaces are not allowed !
  • We update XApp-Studio/Quick-XApp  and of course the mobile apps every day ! Please clear your browser cache once a day to get the latest results.
  • We also make quick setups for you in case you don't want do anything with Quick-XApp or XApp-Studio !
  • There is no explicit publishing function ! Please use the url generated with the "Preview" button. 
  • You need an internet connect with at least 500Kb/sec downstream to work with XApp-Studio or Quick-XApp ! Test your connection speed here.