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Platforms : Mobile Web App 





  • Radio, Podcasts, Google-Documents, Picassa, Wordpress, Multimedia
  • Custom styles
  • K2, EasyBlog, JEvents, Moset, Joomla Categories & Articles 
  • Tablets


Open on your phone or tablet or in the browser here :


Demo "Dark-Theme" (Bottom-Tab-Layout). 


Demo "White-Theme" (Bottom-Tab - Layout). Install with Google-Play on Android "demowhite".



User - Apps


Taos-Dining - New Mexico Guide

Big Podcast Community - Unkown

Nightlife - App - Corfu (Android App , iPhone App)


Customer Application "Thai-Quiz"

Platforms : Mobile Web App 


Customer : Thai-Airways






  • Custom app logic and RPC server implemented inside XApp-Studio with small amounts of Javascript.
  • This is our first proove of the concept app for XApp-Studio's new script interface.

Customer Review 


For a recent project (Thai Quiz) i decided to use a new mobile app studio on the market – xApp Studio ( Still in the early stage as it seems but never the less seemingly more customizable than any other app builder i have seen so far (like shoutem e.g.). The app was designed to be only a web app where as xApp also can do hybrid and native apps. My biggest concern was how to get my data connected and how to customize design and the quiz logic. After getting in contact with the developer there were kindly enough to help me out on understanding how to work with custom js code (incl. js debugger!) to extend my mobile web apps logic. The documentation is still in the making so i was very fortunate to be guided through the project by the developer. Once understanding how to implement my custom logic the rest was fairly easy.

Connecting a data source – my own JSON RPC gateway was a 3 click task. Customizing the CSS took a while in figuring out what is where but once understand fast and intuitive. Publishing on the xApp platform was a piece of cake. There is also a complete app source download option in the making but since the project would be online only 30 days i stayed on the xApp cloud server. There is still room for improvements of course, especially when it comes to documentation and GUI design, but using xApp for my task was a positive surprise and i am glad i did not spend x times the time and money as i probably would have with some of the competitors plattforms out in the market. Thumbs up!



Customer Application "Buzzoffbase Germany"

Platforms : iPhone native App + Mobile Web App (as Fallback for Android and others)


Customer : Buzzoffbase






  • Advanced support of JEvents, Moset-Trees and Breezing-Forms.
  • Extensive use of CSS3 styling, ensuring that brand values are recognized.


Customer's testimonial

"We contacted Pearls Media to assist us with creating a powerful, well-designed iPhone app and they quickly delivered a stylish, savvy app that has quickly become one of the best in the market for our particular niche. From the very first point of contact, the Pearls Media team provided excellent customer service and speedy, professional responses to all our questions and concerns, and succeeded in producing an app that has done our brand and our sponsor brands proud, an app that we are exceptionally proud of that has not only met but has truly exceeded the high standards we expected. Having been disappointed by countless other companies, freelancers and developers in the past, we have found the team at Pearls Media a total dream to work with and would recommend them without hesitation to any SME that needs a quality, no-nonsense, beautiful, stylish and highly functional mobile application. Pearls Media has become instrumental to the success of Buzz Off Base as we enter into a new and exciting phase of growth in our business, and we are looking forward to a long-term relationship with them as our company and mobile product portfolio expands."

Louise Wayham
Founding Partner & Managing Director
Buzz Off Base







Customer Application "Ibiza Media"

Average Rating App-Store : 4-5 


Customer : Pulsar Entertainment




Platforms : 


  • iPhone native app 
  • Mobile web app for smart phones and tablets (as fallback for Android and others) 
  • KIOSK application for hotel chains as dedicated Java-Jetty-Server 
  • Hybrid HTML5 application for Android (iJetty) in sync with Joomla


Highlights :


  • Advanced support of JEvents & JEvents Location Manager & JEvents Resource Manager
  • Extensive use of CSS3 styling, ensuring that brand values are recognized.
  • Offline maps and content
  • Using of custom Google search engines to complete content
  • Flickr API to complete venue pictures
  • Using of external and custom databases to complete Joomla content
  • Advanced use of Lucene - Indexing (Search & Autocompletion)
  • External Ticket-Data
  • Shoutcast
  • Internal Youtube Player








Vimeo Video




gbstar-wholestar-wholestar-wholestar-whole IPodSlaaf.UK

Today is Wednesday November 30th, 2011 and I have only just discovered this brilliant app, it would have really been useful during my holiday in Ibiza earlier this year. The beaches, buses, and scuba diving sections would have been very well used! The apps ability to play all of my favourite Ibizan radio stations is fantastic, having them all in one place without having to create a favourites list in a separate radio player app will be great. Muchas gracias to the developers of this app for providing it.


gbstar-wholestar-wholestar-wholestar-wholestar-whole sonnenlicht

Must-have - Sehr schön, eigentlich alles drin, Karten etc ohne Online zu sein nutzbar, top.


gbstar-wholestar-wholestar-wholestar-wholestar-whole Francisco Javier Jerez Herrera

Maravillosa!!!! - INCREIBLE aplicación de la isla pitiusa e imprescindible para todo aquel que ame la isla blanca, un 10.


gbstar-wholestar-wholestar-wholestar-whole anne39

voila - Très esthétique, facile à utiliser, complète et pleine de bonnes ‘surpises' (lieux d'Ibiza que je ne connaissais pas). Moyen très pratique et agréable pour (re-)découvrir Ibiza.Juste une petite critique : J'aurais aimé pouvoir accéder directement aux évènements de Bambuddha ou Atzaro, par exemple, directement depuis leur description.

Customer Application "Ibiza Travel"

Platforms : iPhone native App


Customer : Spanish Tourist Department


Average End-User Rating : 4 Stars




  • Advanced support of JEvents and JEvents - Location plug-in.
  • Custom databases, mixed with Joomla content.
  • Offline maps and routing displays for bike tours.
  • Offline content and videos.



Customer Application "iReactive"

Platforms : iPhone native App


Customer : Pearls Media Publishing (Us)


Average End-User Rating : 5 Stars


Description : 


iReactive is the advanced version what the popular Siri feature on iPhone is. It enables to access to all hardare features of the device, such as : GPS, Speech-Recogniton (custom), FFT analysis, OpenCV (Face & Object recognition). You can programm own "Reactlets" by mapping input sensors to output signals. It comes up with 10 pre-made "Reactlets" :

  • "Dog Phone"
Find your iPhone by whistling at least for 4 seconds. If it is not reacting with an alert sound please adjust the frequency to your personal whistle in Input - Microphone.
  • "Blink Light" (iPhone 4 only)
Turns your iPhone into a blinking light that may help to be seen on dangerous roads.
  • "Playlist Clap Control"
Skips the current song in your playlist when you clap with your hands. This works only with a connected HIFI system. You can also select a playlist in the settings under: Output - Play Sound, otherwise your current playlist will be used. Please adjust the sensitivity according to the background noise if necessary : Input - Microphone.
  • "Shake Camera"
Takes a picture when you shake your iPhone.
  • "Whistle Camera"
Takes a picture when you whistle for some seconds.
  •  "Clap Camera"
Takes a picture when you clap with your hands.
  • . "Reachability Alarm"
Plays an alarm sound when your Internet connection has been interrupted or established.

  • "Move Alarm"
Plays an alarm sound when your device has been moved.
  •  "Voice Recorder"
Starts a new microphone recording when you shake your iPhone. When you shake it again it stops the current recording. You can control the recording by whistling or clapping hands as well.
  • "Video Recorder"

Starts a new video recording when you shake your iPhone. When you shake it again it stops the current recording. You can find the recording in your library. 


iReactive is the prototype for XApp-Studio's application output. We're currently still progress to migrate its rich set of hardware and processing features in a meanful way to XApp-Studio's set of widgets. Of course, you can only access this sort of features within native or hybrid applications. Please stay tuned, it becomes amazing, promised !


Notice iReactive has been removed from the App-Store for some reasons. We're looking forward to bring it back to life.