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Android Project (Remote)  

Implementation - 'XApp-Core' for Android native : Smartphone & Tablets (Dual-Navigation ala iPad)


Key – Parts to implement : 

  1. CSS – Parser in order to apply basic CSS attributes to Android render elements. Must remain compatible with our hybrid, mobile – web – app and iOS native output.
  2. Basic rendering of Rich-Text (strong optimized HTML). The renderer must recognize pictures into galleries (data provides that already).
    1. External urls are open a web view
    2. Internal Urls open the right view, see Url-Schema
  3. Must work and behave as shown in http://www.bitly.com/webxapp4 (Tablet & Smartphone)
  4. URL – Scheme – Handler to open views from a url like :
    1. myApp://dataSourceRef/articleRef
    2. myApp://radio/url
    3. myApp://rss/url
    4. myApp://customUrlScheme/reference (not now)
    5. myApp://pictureGallery/reference
    6. myApp://pdf/reference (not important now)
    7. myApp://external/url
    8. This urls are already in the right format, provided by the data.
  5. A "View" contains "Modules", managed by a module controller (lay-outing, sizing) :
    1. ListModule
    2. LogoModule
    3. TabModule
    4. LaunchModule
    5. ThumbnailModule
    6. Banner-Module (not now)
  6. On Tablets we have a "MultiView" and a "MultiView-Controller" :
    1. This just wraps 2 normal "Views" into a single view : Navigation & Detail 
  7. Each data segment can have style overrides (another CSS sets)
  8. App must work offline (except for some web-sources)
  9. Automatic rendering of dual navigation on tablets
  10. Robust memory management for low-spec devices 
  11. Robust feature selection for low-spec devices 

What's provides already : 


  1. Lots of servlets for conversation (GDoc->PDF, Meta-Stream parser, Picture – Resizing,…)
  2. Resource and file structures for mobile our apps. See here the full dump of mobile app. 
  3. Android compatible implementation of the data model (Java Classes, HTML-Parser, Data-Utils,…). There are hundreds of classes
  4. The General behavior of our mobile applications (must be identical to http://www.bitly.com/webxapp4 : smartphone & tablet compatible, see JS console for more )
  5. Enterprise – Architect - Low–Level Diagrams (Class Overviews)
  6. Reference implementation in iOS and JS


Short Description of the myeventsapp108.zip


1 ."appInfo.json"


  • contains all settings of a mobile application 
  • The smallest unit is the "ConfigurableInformation" in the system and is being used in all platforms. A ConfigurableInformation can be overridden per platform (See XApp-Studio-Pro). 
  • The "Page" class in /items contains a CI for title, icon and datasource
  • /ciOverrides contains CI-Overrides 
  • /metaDataStore contains settings like AppIcon,App-Title, Facebook-App-Key,…
  • /dataSources contain registered Datasources like Google-Documents/Joomla & Friends/ Wordpress,… Login-Details are encrypted.

2. /dataSources

  • Downloaded content for each registered data source. Its a unified format and is optimized by the server for mobile use. 
  • The content will synchronized by the app. In fact the most must work offline. The server provides all whats needed.

3. /styles/Platform

  • Can be extend for Android native. The CSS in the files represents also what must be translated into native code/visual properties.

4. /assets/

  • Reference by the CSS
  • Transformed and optimized by the server, per platform and run-time configuration (debug/release) on Ajax or command line demand




You don't need to implement every little detail being shown in http://www.bitly.com/webxapp4.  

What's more important to us is that developer provides a stable base and knows to pitfalls of the Android-Device fragmentation (i.e.: Audio/Video). 

The budget however is 3500,- Euro. Please tell us what you think, or more important, which parts can not be covered by the budget.


Thank you,

sincerely ,

Guenter Baumgart