XApp-Studio is a web based tool for professionals and developers to build apps for any platform. It combines leading edge technologies into a one software and removes all the pain with multiple platforms ! 

Important : You can edit your app with both, Quick-XApp and XApp-Studio at any time !



The goals 


  • To be the best open source and web based IDE 
  • Extend apps with own custom logic and visuals 
  • Extend XApp-Studio itself and its baby "Quick-XApp-Studio"
  • Write node.js apps and publish them to cloud services
  • Write PHP & Java web apps
  • Write hybrid apps and games, using Adobe-Edge or App-Mobi
  • To be forked 
  • Embeddable web based development environment for Joomla, Wordpress and others


Under the hood  


  • Cloud9 for scripting
  • Dojo as core framework
  • App-Mobi for crossplatform games
  • Liferay & OSGI for hosted content in cloud
  • Ajaxplorer for file and resource managment
  • Maqetta for GUI design tasks
  • Cordova for hybrid packaging



What comes in goes out better




Quick-XApp Features in Text

  • No propriety formats or code.
  • All content is available for offline usage (native & web-apps)
  • ULTRA FAST, our mobile apps our the fastest around and competitors are around 2-5 times slower.
  • Full Ajax apps. Once the app is loaded, there is no page reload anymore. A new view opens within 200 ms!
  • Pull to refresh feature like in iPhone apps, just for web apps. 
  • Pictures are converted into galleries
  • Deep linking
  • 8 network sharers
  • Podcast, News, Picture - RSS formats
  • Radio Streaming (Shoutcast, more formats on request)
  • Internal viewer for PDF, XLS, DOC, DOCX , PPT
  • Internal viewer for common media formats
  • Plugin-SDK for all platforms
  • Custom Types made visual (Query,Schema, Relation Editors)
  • Style-Overrides for certain data
  • CSS to native iOS translation with real-time preview on the phone
  • Exportable and transparent data format
  • Hybrid applications with complete offline-caching from template
  • Bidi support for arabic countries
  • Government conform regarding people with disabilities, called Aria support
  • Very flexible adoption interfaces
  • Rich filebrowser
  • Various picture editors, simple and photoshop like
  • Cloud9 editor for custom plugins
  • Visual CSS Edtior, and plain
  • ...