Visual - CSS editor with real-time updates for simulator and device 




Pull in your code from Github or just use our boiler templates

and start coding live in your app !

CSS files are hot-deployed as well :-) 


In the boat : the cloud9 editor. Its like Google-Docs for coding. You can write in your prefered language and debug your apps or services !


Treat platform as they deserve


XApp-Studio enables you to have different settings per platform. Settings can be also inherited from defaults.



Design your UI with Maqetta and deploy it as Widget to your library. 

Drag'n drop from popular frameworks like jQuery, Dojo, YUI !




The pain of managing resources has an end ! 


Include your frameworks, data, CSS, proxies per platform and per run-time configuration(debug, release, custom) . The packager compresses everything into a single file takes care of the rest ! You can also define path shortcuts like "MyAppFolder". Those shortcuts can be overriden at build time, per platform, per run time configuration as well. 




The file manager, will leave you speech less !

It comes with lots of editors and connectivity (FTP/SFTP/DAV/MySQL)




Custom Datasources made easy 



The schema above will be applied to a SQL query below :



As soon, its in our format, you can use the rich set of XApp-Studio and Quick-XApp. SQL will be executed remotly on any PHP, Java or Node.JS host !